Ettore Studio was created from a desire to explore graphic expression beyond traditional printmaking and design industry norms. Founder Florentin Bodet defied convention during his design studies, embracing a mix of methods from diverse art practices and exploring unusual tools. In his work today, he celebrates artistic mistakes, believing beauty lies in surprising contrasts. Ettore Studio seeks to continually experiment with unexpected pairings like photography altered with 3D software, twisted with a graffiti element. The result is sensual, exciting prints which trigger the imagination.

Florentin helps designers to develop their vision for their collections and bring them to life (freelance, in-house or remotely). He also offers a collection of prints for sale in his boutique.

Before settling in Paris, Florentin worked in fashion capitals such as Stockholm, London and Berlin. With key roles at H&M HQ as Project Leader and Senior Print Designer, he has provided creative direction, managed a team of print designers and created prints for various collections. Collaborations with esteemed brands such as Nike, Qasimi, and Calvin Klein further enriched his portfolio and showcased his ability to create impactful designs.

Ettore studio - Unique prints, creative direction & design